Rule of Thumb

These directions apply to all of our toys.

Don't leave it charging unattended

Most of the toys are built with lithium ion batteries, so it's best to keep an eye on them while charging as a precaution. That said, she'll be right if charged properly.

We know you love water

Most if not all of our toys are water resistant, but there may still be tiny areas where water can seep through. Though you can clean the toys with water, avoid draining them inside water for > 5 minutes.

Skin reactions

Our toys are made with high grade, or even food-grade silicon are suitable for usage inside your body. However if you have any irritation or reaction, you should stop using it and contact us.


Do remember to store your toys in a dry and clean area without direct sunlight exposure, and keep out of children's reach. They'll have to wait for a while before being able to enjoy our toys.

Product Manuals

Afternoon Delight - 3-in-1 Sucking Clitoral Vibrator

Best Bud-dy: Clitoral & G Spot Sucking Vibrator

Chef D'Orchestre - Remote Vibrating Butt Plug

Double Edged Cup: 2-in-1 Anus/Vagina/Mouth Fleshlight

Down Under Thunder: 2-in-1 Vibrating Butt Plug & Cock Ring with Remote

Enhanced Uni-horn: Soft Silicon Strap On Dildo/Pegging Kit

Midnight snack - 10 Frequencies Clitoral Vibrator

Naughty Valentine: Clitoral & G Spot Sucking/Pulsing Massager

Pure Ecstasy - Self-Heating 3- Spot Silent Clitoral Vibrator

Reindeer - Multi-spot Vagina Massager/Clitoral Vibrator

Roller Coaster: 2-in-1 Clitoral & G Spot Vagina Sucking Vibrator

Slippery devil - Squishiest Clitoral Vibrator!

The Pinocchio: Curved G Spot Killer Dildo

The Rock: Vibrating/electric Dildo

Simply lube up the tip of this dildo or/and the sex organ of your choice, insert this dildo slowly into your body!

Turn on/off the dildo by pressing its on off button (on the penis, near the base) for around 3 seconds. You can change frequencies by short pressing the power button.

Recharge using the provided cable, and insert it into the tiny hole near the power button.

If you encounter discomfort, please stop using it immediately.

The Real 'Dil': Soft Silicon Dildo

The Rose - Heated Electric Vibrator/Vagina Massager

The Third Hand: Vibrating Cock Ring with Remote

Uni-Horn: Strap On Dildo/Pegging Kit

Water Coaster: 2-in-1 Clitoral & G Spot Vagina Sucking Vibrator

Wet n Wild: Clitoral & G Spot Sucking Vibrator

What if I need further help with using the toys after reading the manual?

Feel free to chat with us anonymously in our website chatbot, our lovely team members will be happy to give you a few suggestions!

Can I get suggestions from your team?

Yes! Feel free to chat with us anonymously in our website chatbot or social media, our lovely team members will be happy to give you a few suggestions!

My product doesn't turn on when it arrives.

Sometimes due to extended storage time, the battery may run out. Simply follow the instructions to recharge the battery for at least 30 minutes, then you should be able to use it again!

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Can't find your answers?

Contact us through our help centre, where you can raise a support ticket. Our lovely customer care staff aim at responding to all enquiries within 24 hours.