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Proudly being the only sex toy brand in Australia that actively support and donate to LGBTQIA+ organisations.

Queerkka Equality Fund

Our donations support:

support queerkka sex toys, support queers and LGBTQIA+

Support Queerkka, Support Queers.

If you couldn’t tell by our About Us page or the company name itself, our core team is proudly made up of queers and allies! Our innovative team not only helps with the business side of things, but they also share our core mission of helping people to embrace sex, sexaulity, and gender.

We also ackowledge that while the Queer presence has certainly grown over the years, there are still a ton of misconceptions and disinformation about sex and gender out there. Most notably, some people still don’t even understand the difference between sex and gender!

At times, we may also find ourselves confused or questioning our own validity. But, through using sex as a bridge, instead of a barrier, Queerkka’s hope is to educate more people about sexual and gender minorities while elevating the Queer social and commercial presence. Plus, we strive to encourage others to take a more active role in building a safer, more cohesive, equal, and diverse world for everyone as well!

To further show our support beyond these words, we also donate a portion of our profits to like-minded organisations that demonstrate the below values.

Our Responsibility/ Mission

education & advocacy

Education & Advocacy

We believe in Queer education by Queer educators. We want to go beyond dull textbooks and share what makes us, well, US! Our goal is to change the world for future gender and sexual minorities through the universal language of love and, of course, sex!

community impact

Community Impact

Whether you’re butch, femme, he, she, or them, EVERYONE deserves a safe and supportive place. We share this initiative by not only posting about it, but by also donating to front-line supporting groups!

love, inclusivity and diversity

Universal Inclusivity

We welcome allies and everyone of all genders, identities, abilities, race, and even sex toy preference!

Saving the World, One Toy At a Time

10% of our profit directly helps:

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queerkka donation to LGBTQIA & queer charity

  • Mental health & wellness support

    Each time you make a purchase to support your own sexual health, you’re also helping to provide mental health and social services to LGBTQIA+ and other communities!

  • Growth & life empowerment

    Our partners actively hold engaging events for LGBTQIA+ communities and people outside of these groups to facilitate and accelerate inclusivity, resilience, confidence building, and networking.

  • Campaigns, workshops & trainings

    Your teachers have probably told you that “knowledge is power”, and you know what, they were right! We donate to organisations that educate and campaign on LGBTQIA+ issues and topics using material that goes way beyond just showing them Drag Race clips!

  • Careers

    We know how hard it can be to find a job, so the Queerkka Equality Fund supports the hiring of Queer and non-binary employees. We always knew that a sex toy could wield power and impact, but we never knew it could do THIS much!

Thinking of partnering with us?

If you're from a not-for-profit organisation and you think you can put our donations in good use, don't hesitate to contact us!

How to apply to be a Queerkka Equality Fund partner?

If you're a not-for-profit organisation based in Australia and would like to apply for donations from us, please kindly email us at partner@queerkka.com. We would like to understand your organisation status, mission, past work, and how you will use the fund. Don't forget to leave your contact number and address! Our community impact officer will be in touch with you.

Do I have to be an NGO/NFP organisation in order to apply?

As outlined above, the missions for Queerkka Equality Fund is largely about social impact, instead of commercial gains. However, if you are a business and would like to partner up with Queerkka on a commercial basis, that's totally fine! Please kindly shoot as an email at partner@queerkka.com and let us know your masterplan!

How do I know you have actually donated to these organisations?

As a business with life-changing missions, we constantly remind each other that we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Therefore, we usually post the donation proof on instagram as a story, every month. That's why you need to follow our instagram!

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