about queerkka's founding story

Where it all started...

A few months ago, a queer artist, a sex-positivity advocate, and a medical student rocked up to a house party. As random as it might sound, it became the beginning of something spectacular. After getting tipsy, they started chatting about sex and sex toys. Not only did they ranted about the increasingly unaffordable toys, but they also debated on the role of vendors and social responsibility, or lack thereof.

An idea then sprang to their mind. What if they embark on a mission to deliver everyone equal opportunity for sexual pleasure, tailored to their preferences, and cutting down all barriers to make it affordable? As difficult as it may sound, they jumped onboard and gave birth to Queerkka.

As an Aussie and Queer advocate-owned brand, our promises aren’t just promises.

We're here to make sure:

Queerkka sex toy missions and vision and objective

Quality toys you'll lust for

Find toys with exceptional value that's personalised to your needs, with combination of AI technology, expert curation, and customisation. We directly deliver the products from our partnered manufacturers, cutting down the middlemen and passing the savings onto you.

Equal accessibility

Our toys are for EVERY BODY! We have toys for pansexual women, cisgender straight males, or for gender fluid individuals! There’s something for every person and every hole!

LGBTQIA+ impact

Your toy can make you feel even better with the knowledge that 10% of all of our profits contribute to our Queerkka Equality Fund!

We donate these funds monthly to NGO/NPO who work LGBTIA+ and straight communities, such as QLife. Plus, we use our platform for more than selling toys, we use it to spread our message of equality and to eliminate misinformation!

Responsible sourcing

Social missions are embedded into our roots. We partner with global manufacturers that are Rohs/CE certified and devote to environmental friendly production. All of our products are tested by our team before offering them to the public for quality control!

Who runs Queerkka?

Meet the team of polymaths powering pleasure persistently

queerkka founder

Chief Sex Officer. Ensuring you're always a happy customer.

Jamie (He/him)

queerkka director

Chief Advocator. Raising awareness & fighting for equality.

Gray (They/them)

chief ecstasy officer

Chief Ecstasy Officer. Curating the best sex toys for you.

Erin (She/her)

Queerkka male

Chief Tester. Finds product testers, but when there's none, he'll have to ...

Mackenzie (He/him)

queerkka designer

Wizard. She fulfil Jamie's desire for...graphic and website designs.

Tay (She/her)

It's our mission to lead you to the most saucy sex toys & sensations;)