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The Dark Side of Sex Toy Companies 2 - unethical, sexist, racist, and fat-shaming

by Jeremy Chan on May 07, 2022

The dark side of sex toy companies - unethical

What can be more radical than being a sex toy brand and writing about the darkest side of sex toy businesses? As an ethical adult toy brand based in Australia, Queerkka is uncovering the dirtiest, most unethical business tricks pulled by the largest lingerie and sex toy companies.

Following our last article, let's cut to the chase and explore more sh*tty practices.

BTW, don't say we haven't warned you, please proceed with caution as the truth revealed may make you feel disgusted with some sex toys you purchased previously, or some companies you supported before.

OK, ready to go? Let's dive in for real.

unethical fat shaming sex toy companies

1. Sexist, fat-shame, racism

To attract attention, a lot of companies use misogynistic, sexist, fat-shaming and racist ideas for their marketing contents. Some company owners were even found to be endorsing gender-binary-bias, as well as making light of non-consensual sex. Take this Fifi advertisement as an example, bruh...

Source/more on this:

pipedream sex toy doll adult product

2. Sh*t ethics

The most outrageous one? A company with strong presence in AU/US profited over a celebrity's leaked nudes by making an uncopyrighted sex doll. Despite the controversy and negative reviews, this product is still selling.

pipedream jennifer lawrence celebrity sex tou doll

hint: you can see the manufacturer/company in question at the bottom right of the package. Shocking, right?

Shiri Zinn sex toy brand company

3. Supression of free speech

Sex toy brands and owners were also found to "threatened bloggers over negative reviews", demand to censor certain reviews, or even dictating how the product should be used.

More sources on the above/complete list of companies you should blacklist: and

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Reflection timeWould you support or have you sided with sex toy businesses like this?

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